International Hospitality: Celebrating in Denmark!

Last year, we started our Graduate Preaching Fellowship with an adventure.  We spent days traveling around the world, and when we got to the front door of this small Danish Church camp building, David looks at me and asks, “what do we do now?” and I said, “I have no idea. But our friends sent us here.  Let’s go!” We went because some friends of ours in Ann Arbor introduced us to their friends in Denmark via facebook.

You can look back on our week here (and, check out the other July posts from 2016 to see even more pictures and stories!) The entire event was in Farsi, with some Danish Translation.  For the big events, we had super cool UN-style headset translator machines:



But, there wasn’t always a ‘professional’ translator available.  Thankfully, we made some great friends, including Julie and Thomas – the adults in this picture – who translated for us all week.  Julie speaks Danish and English, and Thomas speaks Farsi and English, so basically, whomever was talking all week, they could interpret for us!


Just days after camp was over, Julie and Thomas became a facebook-official couple.  We like to think that helping us all week was one of the ways God got them to connect 😉  But, we know that whether we had visited or not, God was planning for them to be together!  We stayed friends via facebook all year, and guess what?  We got to end our GPF adventure year by celebrating their wedding!


And, since they were a little busy 😉  we had translation machines for the wedding, too!

IMG_20170812_135744 (1)

The wedding was more American than Danish (they told us – what do we know?!) In that the couple designed many parts of the ceremony.  There were two pastors, a gospel choir, a cry room for kids, a videographer, and a translator!

It was very fun to be at an international wedding, and to celebrate with our friends.  Their hospitality made it possible for us to attend and enjoy the day – which is exactly how they welcomed us last year.  I hope, someday, to be able to extend the kind of hospitality that our Danish friends taught us.

Blessings on your wedding, friends!


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