Happy Mother’s Day!

A Mother’s Love

When I was little, my mom would tell me that she loved me and my brother so much that she would do anything to keep us safe.  She would do anything, even if it meant that she was uncomfortable or unsafe or even in trouble.  My  mother’s love gave me a lot of confidence to try things, because no matter what happened, she would still love me.

mother's day

Most of the mothers I meet in my work with immigrants and refugees are a lot like my mom.  They love their kids, and will do anything to keep them safe – even if it makes them uncomfortable, or unsafe, or even criminals.

A woman in active labor arrived for her immigration court appearance in Los Angeles the day we visited in February.  She came to the US to escape her abusive husband in central america, and she hopes her child will have a safe future in the US.

border fence.jpg

Another mom came to the US to keep her children safe, and fed, and warm, but then was deported – but her daughter stayed safe in the US.  They meet on Mother’s Day at the border fence.


Shorah brought her family from Iran to Germany so that her daughter can be raised in a country where she can publicly practice her Christian faith.


In the book of Matthew, Mary and Joseph snuck baby Jesus into Egypt in order to save him from Herod.

refugee children.png

Among the refugees which arrive in the US, nearly half are children.  This means that moms and dads are applying for refuge in the US to keep their children safe.

Today, I got to meet with the wonderful women of Dixboro United Methodist Church near my home in Ann Arbor, MI.


We had a great conversation, but somehow my presentation didn’t load correctly!  So, I didn’t have all the information I wanted to show them.  That church is doing a lot of great work locally, and sending money internationally to help lots of immigrants and refugees.

1. Pray for Refugees / Immigrants (check out this prayer online)
2. Tell the truth and share the facts (UNHCR, ORR)
3. Call Michigan elected officials
4. Attend Wash. Co. Bd. of Commissioners Vote on Immigration Resolutions on May 17 at        6pm at the Washtenaw County Administration Building.
5. Support the Sanctuary movement, like Central UMC in Detroit (story here)
6. Connect with WICIR:  Washtenaw Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights
7. Follow Washtenaw Refugee Welcome on facebook
8. Sign up for action alerts at  lirs.org/act/  (click “sign up now”)
9. Volunteer with Samaritas (refugees) or Michigan United (immigrants)
10. Donate to Samaritas (MI), Lutheran Immigration Refugee Services (USA), UMCOR

Maybe, this year, for mother’s day, you will honor your own mom by supporting lots of other moms around the world, who are trying to keep their families safe and healthy.


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