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Last week, my brother asked me, “So… what can you tell me about immigration?”  It’s all over the news right now, but even though he’s highly educated on all things news and politics, it wasn’t an issue he’s spent a lot of time researching recently, but I have.  Maybe you’re also wanting to learn more about immigration – check it out here!

NPR investigates:  How did we get to 11 million undocumented immigrants in the US?

11 million undocumented.jpg

The NY Times also collected data to explain the current situation (politics-free).

Janeeportation38-1254 (1).jpg

If you want State Specific Data, check out this link and click on “Map the Impact” to get info on immigration in your own area.


If you’re more of a podcast person, check out part #1 & Part #2 on the sanctuary movement.

Maybe you’d like to connect current immigration trends with historical information on Ellis Island (especially with great pictures!)


Do you know the Dreamers?  This group of young adults were brought to the US by their parents, but they are now facing the consequences of their parents’ choices.  This video tells true stories, and gives some background.

Maybe you want to know how to talk about Immigration with your congregation?  I always recommend Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services.


No matter what you think, it might be hard to combat the attitudes of others.  LIRS’s Mythbusters are great!

What if your pastor was facing deportation?  

pastor deportation.jpeg

Finally, some great quotes about immigration, from a variety of sources.

global tear.png

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