Refugee Links

The Internet is a wonderful thing…

I spend my whole year learning about refugees and immigrants, so I get to see all sorts of great information on line about these issues.  I’m guessing you don’t spend all of your time combing the internet for great stories 😉  but I’m thrilled to share my links with you!

6 facts you NEED to know about the Refugee Resettlement Program  If you only read one link, bookmark and share this one, please!

This is a great list of Bible Verses about Refugees

Bible Refugees.jpg


A priest in England is facing backlash from welcoming Muslim refugees to her church

guardian muslims pastor.jpg


70 years of Refugees in Britain 

Hungarian Refugees in UK 1950s

25% of the World’s Refugees live in Sub-Saharan Africa.  A famous US- African Author explains the refugee crisis in a short Ted-talk style video here.


Which US cities are best for refugee resettlement?  Check out shared characteristics here.


ELCA’s Bishop Elizabeth Eaton recently visited one of the largest refugee camps in the world, and has a video message for all of us:

One of my former professors gave a short message entitled “We are All Refugees”  (I Promise, I didn’t steal any copyrights!)

A Teacher in Denver has several Refugee students, and shares their stories on her blog.


No matter how you connect with the refugee crisis, please share the truth, and share the facts.  Keep praying for the refugees, those who serve them, and an end to the conflicts and disasters which cause people to flee.

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