Vocation & Vacation

Can we take a break from our calling?

Last Sunday (March 26), I got to help my friend and supply preach at his church.  I absolutely loved it!  Since I don’t get to lead worship every week, I love it when I do!

While I gave a pretty decent adult sermon 😉  I’m actually really proud of my children’s message.  The kids and I talked about the grown-up word “vocation”.  Warning:  I talk really fast here (kids normally are fine with that!)

I’m not talking about refugees here.  I’m talking about God’s calling on our life.  But, I’ll share a little of the refugee story I shared with the adults:

In our Privileged World, “finding our calling” often involves a lot of choices between great opportunities:  deciding whether to stay home with kids you love or get paid to do work in the world you love (for example).  The Bible never talks about vocation like this.  The Bible says that following Jesus will be a life of sacrifice:  deciding whether to get your kids baptized when you know that could eventually lead to their execution (for example).  So, our vocation is when we love God and love others – however and wherever and whenever God calls us to live that out.

Last summer I shared this story about our friend, Thomas: “I once Had a Life“.  If you don’t remember, click on that and remind yourself.  Or, watch this short part of my sermon today:

Our “calling” is sometimes paid work – like when I get paid to tell people about Samaritas.  Our “calling” is sometimes caregiving, like fostering orphans or refugees.  Our “calling” is sometimes to do the job with which we earn the money to care for our families and donate to refugees in camps around the world.  Our “calling” might be to pray for those less fortunate.

No matter how God has called you to be in relationship with others, may you be blessed in your calling this week and always.  

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