Refugee Sunday

Preaching God’s Truth in a time of “Alternative Facts”

Friends, many of you have heard me speak in person.  I preach and teach about refugees all over the country.  In fact, I have been preaching basically the same sermon for a year now:

In our Baptism, we are all Spiritual Refugees.  Earth is not our home.
We are citizens with the saints in heaven.  (Ephesians 2:19) 

But just in case you haven’t heard it yet, or if the events of the past week leave you confused, or you’d like a reminder of why I fight so hard to lift up GOD’S Word regardless of the weekly news, here is what I preached last Sunday, January 26:


I preached the sermon when we saw pictures of Syrian children dying.





I preached the sermon when candidates used human suffering  as a campaign slogan.

Signs for Refugees.jpg

I preached the sermon when our country celebrated our own immigrant history.


I preached the sermon when Christians worldwide celebrated Jesus’ refugee story:


And, I preached it the day that my country arrested Veterans from the Iraqi war who used their legal travel visa to fly into America – steps from the statue of Liberty:

iraqi veteran detained.jpg

Mr. Darweesh served the 101st US airborne in Iraq from 2003-2013.  For that service, ISIS has threatened his life, and the US government granted his family a legal refugee visa.  We promised to care for him, just as we care for our other veterans.  But then, when he arrived at the airport in New York City on Saturday January 25, he was arrested.  He was locked up for 18 hours with no access to his family or to his lawyer.  He was only released after a national outcry sparked a massive protest at the airport.  Even then, he is on the news saying, “I like this country.  Mr Trump is ok.  I am glad to be here.”

So, I preached again.  We are Americans, and thus we want our country to be safe.  That means we care for our soldiers and veterans, and their families, like Mr. Darweesh.

As God-followers, we are called to answer to God’s commandments:


The Bible is clear:  We are to care for and welcome the stranger amongst us, even if it puts our own security at risk.  For we are citizens with the Saints in heaven.

I’ll keep preaching the refugee story.  Please keep sharing it in your own communities.

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