Furniture Update

Visit #2 – with Translation!

For those who’ve been following, you know that we delivered a sofa to a newly arrived Syrian family in Ypsilanti a few weeks ago.  Last week, we went back with coffee tables and a translator!


David’s friend got to use her Arabic, and we got to spend 2 hours visiting with the new family.  Turns out, the 6 & 9 year olds are enrolled in an Arabic language & culture – focused school in Ypsilanti, so they’re making great connections.  Mohammed had a driver’s license in Jordan, and might be a driver here, too.  We had tea and rice pudding, and the grandmother wished us very many children in the future 🙂  – a popular blessing from grandmother’s everywhere, I think!

We also discovered that two of the children have birthdays in January, and would like an Ice Cream Cake to celebrate.  They also want to meet our cat!  While we can’t convince the cat to join us, we’re planning to visit in January with balloons, toys, and treats.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

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