Washtenaw Refugees Welcome

Best Practices in Europe

I got to be the headline speaker for Washtenaw Refugees Welcome this week!  This is my new favorite local organization, and if we succeed in our goals this year, we just might be a national model to follow.

The basic premise of WRW is simple:  connect refugees, agencies, and volunteers as seamlessly as possible, to ensure that we’re treating each other as neighbors.

We’ve been spending most of 2016 getting ready for the influx of refugees we expect to begin arriving in our city next year.  Our city is going to welcome about as many as the entire state of North Dakota 🙂

But, all that getting ready is making us anxious.  Especially during an election week.  There isn’t much we can do right now, except for wait, and hope, and pray.

So, they started a speaker series.  I got to share about my time in Europe, and some of the best practices we learned there.  I “deputized” the other refugee supporters to go out and be “ambassadors” in the community.

Most of you loyal blog readers already know all about my time in Europe, but here is a recording of my 40 minute presentation this week.  (sometimes, the screen looks weird.  So sorry.)


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