Backpacking Europe: How we did it

Some people have asked – how did we manage to carry everything we needed for 6 weeks in Europe – through 12 countries?!

At first glance, we might look crazy.  But it actually worked really well for us.

Why bother to carry all of our stuff?  Short answer:  cost and convenience.
We decided to stay in “AirB&B” apartments and use public transportation to save money.

one of our apartments in Copenhagen was on this street:  

That decision had a lot of implications, though, namely:  staircases and cobblestone streets.  Most streets in Europe are brick or cobblestone, which are very hard on wheeled bags.  Using public transportation involves carrying suitcases up and down staircases and onto and off of trains without ramps, when wheeled suitcases have to be carried.

If I’m going to carry the stuff anyway, I’d rather have a pack designed for carrying it.

There are so many packing lists around the web, but I love this checklist I ordered from Amazon.

In general, packing for 6 weeks is a lot like packing for 10 days (plus laundry supplies & extra prescription meds).  But we also found a few helpful items we really love:

  • Packing Cubes, Shoe Bags, and pouches.  With backpacks, we had to completely unpack every evening, even if we were only there for one night.  By using packing cubes and pouches, we could quickly unpack and repack and still get to anything we needed.  We could put shoes anywhere they fit without worrying about them getting things dirty.


  • electronic chargers & adapter.  We had to have an adapter for our stuff, but we also had a lot of stuff to charge.  David found a great charger that had 3 plugs and 4 USB plugs all connected to one adapter.  It meant we could charge our phones, laptops, tablets, e-watches, cameras, etc. all at once.  David also had portable chargers we could carry with us, so we could charge our phones without access to electrical plugs.


One of the fun side effects of carrying all of our luggage is that it made us picky about buying souvenirs – because we had to carry it all with us!  But we still managed to buy a lot of reminders of our great trip.


Lots of books, keychains, spoons, bags, and Christmas ornaments.  🙂  They’ll fill up the corners of our house and remind us of our amazing trip.



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