Go for the Gold!

As the Olympics began in Rio, David & I were trying to watch the opening ceremony in Frankfurt, Germany.

For the first time ever, Refugees will get to compete in the Olympics.
They had to be UN-recognized refugees, which means they don’t have a permanent “home country” for which to play in the Olympics.  They also had to meet the Olympic athletic standards specific to their individual sports.


meet the refugees & read their stories here  

Some of the team are double-refugees:  they had already left one country as children, but as adults were abandoned by their coach in a country with no papers or money (read that story here)  43 athletes applied for the honor to be on the team, but only 10 were approved for the final cut.  They will compete under the title “Team Refugee Olympic Athletes”, and under the Olympic Flag.  They are from Syria, Iran, South Sudan, and the Congo.

One of the refugees is a Lutheran World Relief worker – who has been a part of Lutheran ministries in the new country of South Sudan, and who was encouraged to run by one of her teachers there!  (check out her story here)



I wonder if any of them will win a medal?!

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