How many ways can we see Amsterdam?

Time for a break!

After nearly a month of travel, we arrived at our 8th Country:  The Netherlands!  Our time in Amsterdam was simply a week of fun.   In just 3 days, we were on planes, trains, boats, trams, and a scooter!


Unfortunately, we didn’t get to do any refugee work in Amsterdam.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t immigrants and refugees there.  The Netherlands used to have colonies all over the world – including Indonesia, South Africa, and Suriname (in South America).  When those locations transitioned to independent countries, the people there were offered a chance to relocate to the Netherlands.  So today, the relatively small country is very diverse!

We ate at a “Suriname” restaurant in Chinatown.  Basically, it tasted like Chinese food!

We happened to visit during “Euro-Pride” festival.


Basically, the weekend was full of tourist-fun:  shopping, eating, touring, photographing, etc.  One of the coolest things was a boat tour of the canals.  I really wanted to try something newly offered in Amsterdam:  A boat tour led by a recent refugee. (Check out the story I heard on NPR here.) But I couldn’t figure out how to join them.  Thankfully, there is a great you-tube experience for me and for all of you readers!  You can see the sights we did, and we can all learn from the refugees!


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