The European Capital you’ve never heard about

Have you ever been to Prague?  Know anyone who has?
Yeah, me neither.
But David was interested, so we went.
Good idea.

Most Americans visit western Europe, and we were the same.  Study abroad, vacation, or visiting relatives, we all know the top three:  Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, Sistine Chapel.  Maybe an Irish pub or a Swiss ski trip.  But Prague?

IMG_20160721_111200.jpg National Theatre, in Old Town square

Highly recommend it.

First:  it’s totally affordable.  We had our cheapest lodging and food there for the whole trip.  Public transit is reasonable, there are free or cheap things to do, and even shopping seemed do-able there!

DSC_1209.JPG View of the town from top of Petrin Hill

Second:  it’s got all the great stuff of a European capital.  Castle, Cathedral, outdoor parks, a dozen languages, pedestrian-only walkways through narrow cobblestone streets, you name it.  Most of the tourist places speak English, and the food is delicious without being too exotic – perfect for US travelers.


Astronomical clock – inside elevator and outside views

St. Mary before Tyn church – inside and outside

DSC_1197 John Lennon Wall

DSC_1226 View from St. Charles Bridge

DSC_1203 Monument to the victims of Communism

DSC_1221 The Dancing House(s)

DSC_1160.JPG St. Vitus Cathedral

Most of what we saw was free.  The tram to the top of Petrin Hill was included in our public transport pass.  The elevator up to the top of the Astronomical Tower was a few Euros.  If we had more time, we might have rented a paddleboat on the Charles River, paid for a tour of the castle or cathedral, or gone to the zoo.  But for a one-day speed tour, we had a great time!

My family’s legend is that a Czechoslovakian/ Hungarian princess (they were all the same country at that time) escaped from a threatening man and immigrated to the US with a band of ‘gypsies’ about a century ago.  Since her past history was very much buried at sea, we don’t know much more.  But I’m guessing this princess approves of our visit 🙂





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