Quick Tour: Stockholm

How to see the city in 16 hours

After seeing Iceland, Denmark, and Norway, we just had to fit in time to see Sweden, too!
Even though we had only 36 hours in the city, we tried to see as much as possible.

First – a speed train ride from Oslo to Stockholm
We love trains!  Plenty of space, access to all our luggage, and a great view!
This particular journey stopped a few times in small towns, but most of the passengers were also trying to get from one country to the other.

After a night in a secluded air b&b apartment, we were off to see the town!

Subway Art the subways are full of interesting artwork.

Mountains, viking ship, vampire bat, lightning storm, flowers, totem pole, and greek goddess 

Downtown & Castle
We didn’t take a castle tour, but we saw great things in the downtown area!

Skansen Open-Air Museum
This place was fun – kind of a Swedish version of Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI or of Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia.  Basically, a bunch of buildings from all around Sweden, representing a few centuries of history, were all brought to one park in the city.  We could walk around and see what daily life might have looked like in Sweden a long time ago.

I liked being the English tour guide, so David set up the app and let me lead!

We got to see old buildings, but also a lot of very cute animals!  I got the sense that this was how city kids got to learn about country life.  🙂

We also saw a literal milestone – Swedish people were required to erect and maintain “mile -markers” made out of stone.

Cathedral This Cathedral is where the royals do important things like weddings and coronations… but also where normal city people go to worship every week for the past few centuries.

They even use hymnals like we do in the states!

Shopping We aren’t really shopping while we’re here, but I had to take a picture by this store – it seemed like every Scandinavian had one of these bags (and lots of tourists in other Europe places, too!)


After this long day of walking, our feet were very tired!  But we were ready to fly to Prague for the next part of our adventure.  Stay tuned for more great stories coming soon!

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