When does Peace Win?

Nobel Peace Prize Museum in Oslo

Alfred Nobel invented dynamite.  Not Peace.

But… all I knew about him was he established the Nobel Peace Prize (and a few others).


In the 1800s, Alfred got rich selling death & destruction, but it wasn’t until he read his own obituary that he realized he’d prefer a different legacy.  So, he established the Nobel Prizes in his will.  The Nobel Peace Prize shall be awarded to the person or persons who has “done the most or the best work” towards fraternity, disarmament, and/ or peace.

For the first time in history, Peace won the day.


Over 100 different people and groups have won the Peace Price since 1900.  Refugee workers have won 4 different times:
1938 – Nansen International Office for Refugees
1954 & 1981 – United Nations High Commission on Refugees
965 – UNICEF (today, most of the kids they help are displaced)

There are currently more refugees in the world than ever before:  60 million.  
That’s 10 times the number of people killed in the Holocaust.  24 people had to flee their homes every minute of 2015 – one out of every 113 people in the world.

Those numbers are so huge that it almost becomes easier to just ignore them.  What am I supposed to do to help 60 million people?

you can leave a legacy, just like Alfred Nobel:  
volunteer or advocate through LIRS or
donate through UNHCR

Stories & Images

UNICEF gave disposable cameras to hundreds of Syrian refugee children living in a camp in Jordan.  They developed those pictures and put them on display in the Peace Prize Museum.


These pictures show children in the camps.  They don’t have a home, or a school, or a passport – sometimes, they don’t even have food or toilets – but they still have smiles and hopes, and family who love them.

Check out this recent article about the showcase:  http://nbcnews.to/1CjH4Rh

Maybe, someday soon, peace will win again.  Like Alfred Nobel, sometimes we need to read our own obituary before we realize we are killing ourselves.

(by the way… )

Alfred Nobel instituted 5 different prizes.  The other winners are showcased in a different museum in Stockholm, Sweden, which we also visited.  But it didn’t have anything to do with refugees 🙂

The winners’ display – each is on a separate piece of paper, and they all rotate through the ceiling!  

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