I once had a life

2 more stories of Christian Iranians

We had the chance to hear so many stories from our new friends at Farsi Conference in Denmark.  Today, I get to share 2 of them with you.

First, please take 3 minutes to watch Thomas tell his story.

We got to spend a lot of time with Thomas, but even so, he didn’t want to tell all the details of his story.  It’s too painful to explain why you had to leave your entire family, who loves you, and your entire life, which was so full of promise.  Yes, he left for his faith, but I’m sure he’d prefer to have it all, just like I do – to be able to openly worship God in his own country, while living in peace with his neighbors and friends and family.  We live in an unequal world – where people like me get to have it all, and people like Thomas have to choose between faith and security. Thanks be to God, he has found a new life and a new family and a new church in Denmark.  I’m on this journey to share stories like his, because I want more asylees to have it all – a faith worth dying for, and a chance to live that faith surrounded by family and friends.

Another man at the camp we heard about but didn’t get to meet was featured in the local newspaper:


click on this link for the Danish article and then, click on “allow to translate” when the pop-up from Google comes up 🙂  http://aoib.dk/artikel/engang-havde-jeg-et-liv
Mamood has PTSD and war wounds, leaving his children behind for their own safety.
“It is an unimaginably difficult life situation, and I need miracles. It was Denmark that made me a Christian. Here I experienced pure love in Christian congregations”

Please pray for Thomas, Mamood, and the Danish church which is welcoming them.  Thank you for your support and prayers while we’re on this journey.  Stories from Oslo coming soon!


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