Radical Hospitality

When God’s Gospel is preached in Words and Actions

David & I got to spend 5 days at a Church Conference in Denmark, with Danish Lutherans and Farsi-speaking Immigrants.  It was awesome. We had no idea what to expect, and it completely changed most of our expectations.  Check out the video below for more info (it’s about 6 minutes long, but worth it – because the camp was so exciting!)

Peace and Welcome

One of the local Danish churches welcoming Immigrants also sponsored the Farsi Conference.  Our new friends showed us their church.

It reminded me of the Denmark version of Shalom – they are a new church, only about 30 years old, with a new building, only about 10 years old. They are very focused on mission work in their community and around the world, even though they are mainly a middle-class (not wealthy) community.  They have several staff, and they work to ensure new people feel very comfortable.

This is the church newsletter, a beautiful globe candelabra, and a personalized cross. 

The congregation has Bibles in several languages, translation of their worship, and even Farsi on the signs in the building.  Their pastor leads weekly Bible studies and conversation groups at the church, and also hosts “skype church” online with about 20 participants and a translator from all over the country.


This church is becoming known for welcoming Immigrants.  In a country that is deeply divided about what to do with the Syrians flooding the country, this particular church is opening its doors to Persian Christians who are seeking Asylum in Denmark in order to practice their faith openly.  Please keep the church and its members in your prayers.

I’ll have one more story about Farsi Camp tomorrow, then OSLO info!



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