Just do it!

I never really considered Denmark as a vacation destination.  Most Americans who visit Europe go to England, France, Spain, or Italy. After a few days in Scandinavia, I’d definitely recommend it!

1.  Everyone speaks English

I thought it would be hard, as I don’t speak Danish (or Icelandic, or Norwegian, or Swedish).  But most people in those countries speak English, and they’re happy to help.  Even most of the store clerks can help us find something.

ok, this is unusual, but the Danish Christian Bookstore has English language Christian music CDs 

2.  It’s easy to get around

We took public transport for about $4 per ride.  way less crowded and many fewer pickpockets than either Barcelona or Rome or Paris.  We also got to ride bicycles in Copenhagen, which is a bonus fun thing to do!


3.  It’s Not that expensive

Everyone complains about the costs in Copenhagen and the rest of Scandinavia.  Honestly, we don’t see the complaints.  Taxes are included in the posted prices, there is no tipping at restaurants, and there are several free tourist spots.  Overall, a restaurant meal is about the same price in Copenhagen as it is in New York City.

The Trinity Church was free to enter.  The round tower was only a few dollars.  Parks and the outside of castles are free – or very cheap.  There’s plenty of reasonable options.

4.  It’s fun!

There are castles and cathedrals, an amusement park, and lots of lakes.  The weather in July is great for northern US folks – mid 70s only, and a light rain jacket was all we needed.  Totally recommend!

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