Vikings, Lutherans, and other Explorers

Adventure Day #1:  Iceland!

We’ve begun the first leg of our year-long Graduate Preaching Fellowship adventure – 6 weeks in Europe! The goal of this summer is to learn how churches throughout Europe are handling the current Migration/ Refugee crisis, and bring that information back to the US, to share with churches here as we also prepare to welcome refugees.

But first, a few days of Sabbath Rest in Iceland.


We literally tried to fit an entire summer into the month of June, and by the time we were packed, we were nearly too exhausted to leave.  But, David had planned on this, and intentionally scheduled a three day trip to Iceland as fun kick-off. Great idea.

Iceland is an Island of Immigrants.  And Lutherans.

Around the year 871, Norse Vikings arrived in Iceland with Gaelic slaves.  There’s no real evidence of who lived here before that, and since then, no one else has really joined them. In about the year 1000, the entire country converted to Christianity, and in the 1500s they all became Lutheran.  So today, 90% of the country are descendants of immigrants, and 80% are Lutherans.  All of which I learned today, visiting Reykjavik, its capital city.

The Hallgrimskirkja Lutheran Church, with a statue of Leif Erikson (first explorer) in front

Explorers are everywhere

We had a lot of fun exploring Iceland’s capital city today.  Even if the sun never sets, so it’s easy to stay up late and get up early.

Harpa Concert Hall & Explorers Statue

Tomorrow – off to explore the Island’s nature-scape (including the location of the largest baptism in history – when every Icelander converted to Christianity!)

2 thoughts on “Vikings, Lutherans, and other Explorers

  1. seaford7 says:

    So fun journeying with you! I must say the ELCA couldn’t have selected a better person to go research this stuff and bring back information. I’m looking forward to the next posts!


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