Samaritans & Refugees

Who is my neighbor?

Next Sunday, Christians all over the US will hear sermons about the “Good Samaritan” , because the assigned lectionary reading is from Luke 10:25-37.  But in an era of refugees, maybe we can look at the story a little differently.

Jesse Carey from the Christian publication Relevant reminds us:

This isn’t just a parable about helping someone in need: It’s about helping an “enemy” that even the so-called religious were unwilling to care for.

His essay on “The Parable of the Good Samaritan in an Era of Refugees” is worth a read – for pastors preparing for sermons, and for Christians everywhere.

samaritan refugees

The Samaritan gave all he had to save a person culture told him to hate.
Now it’s our turn to go and do likewise.

Check out for practical ways you can support refugees, migrants, unaccompanied children, and asylum seekers around the world.



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