How to double your passport stamps in 6 weeks

Where we’ve been

In our first 11 years of marriage, we’ve been to 11 countries:  Japan, Mexico, United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Monaco, and Vatican City.
3 continents, two passports, and a million memories.

passport stamps.png

But that’s still only about 5% of the world’s countries – and less than half the continents

Where we’re going

This summer, we are going to 11 more countries!  Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweeden, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, and Spain.

international travel

That’s going to double our passport stamps in just 6 weeks of Travel!  (thanks GPF!)

Not only that, over the next year, we’re planning to re-visit Mexico and add at least 6 more countries to the list in Central America and Africa.  That will bring us up to nearly 14% of the world’s countries on 4 continents.  🙂

The “bucket” list

Someone named Gunnar has been to all 198 & wrote about his top 20  here.  That list seems like just about enough for any adventurous traveler!  By the end of our Fellowship, we’ll have been to 12 of them.  And the other 8 are on the short list to visit again soon (although, who knows when?!)


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