29 days & counting!

Europe, here we come!

We’re less than a month away from the first leg of our amazing adventure.  For 6 weeks, we’ll be traveling all around Europe (11 different countries!) learning more about the current refugee crisis that we’ve heard about in the news.

This is officially the worst refugee crisis the world has seen since World War II:  60 million refugees around the globe, 10 million entering or trying to enter Europe.


With such a huge crisis, there isn’t much I can do on my own.  But, there are already aid agencies, governments, and churches who are doing great things.  My goal is to visit with them, learn from them, and share their stories with as many people as possible.

why is this happening?

I’m not sure anyone has the exact answer.  But NPR did a great job of collecting as much information for us as possible.  Check out this video for more information:  https://www.facebook.com/NPR/videos/10154476026626756/

There are likely as many reasons to seek refuge as there are refugees.  But most of the stories boil down to this:  there are people with the power to exert evil in this world, and right now, those powers are putting innocent lives at risk.  Parents all over the world, no matter their religion, no matter their income, no matter their language, will do whatever it takes to give their children a chance at a better life – and sometimes, that chance is a very risky option.

boat land quote.jpg

We’ll be working with established non-profits and church ministries in safe European cities this summer.  But we still ask for your prayers.  We’ll see and hear and experience a lot of difficult stories, and we’ll need God’s help and your support to process all of it.
Stay tuned for pictures, stories, and prayer requests!

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